Welcome to Salt+Rye!

My name is Mae and I love tacos. And chocolate. And coffee. Those are the main food groups right??

I live in Atlanta, GA with my husband and two kids, but I grew up in Texas, hence the love of tacos and all things spicy. When it comes to food, its got to have some serious flavor. DO NOT come at me some some bland boring food. I mean, I’ll eat it and I’ll be polite about it…but I won’t be happy on the inside.

Food has always been a big part of my life. When I was young, I would sit in the kitchen and watch as my mom made dinner for all of us, and we would talk about our days. When I moved away for school, my friends and I set up a “cooking rotation” where we would take turns making our favorite foods for each other. My husband and I plan our vacations around food excursions and we have a weekly dinner with friends aka our framily. Gathering around the kitchen to cook and eat is serious business, and I don’t take it lightly. But I don’t take it too seriously either. Because that would be boring and bland, and as we’ve already discussed, I am not for that.

My crazy family

If you think about it, food is in the middle of the Venn diagram of grief and joy. What better way to comfort? What better way to celebrate? Food has the power to be not only physically sustaining, but emotionally and spiritually sustaining as well.

Me. I’m quoting myself because this seemed really profound at the time of this post.

I truly believe that magic happens in the kitchen and around the table. Sure, food is a basic need. But so is the community that happens when we prepare and gather around it. Tables are sacred places where stories are told, friendships are made, laughter (and sometimes sorrow) is loud and relationships grow deep.

SO. This is what I hope you find here:

  • Simple recipes that you can easily modify for YOUR table.
  • Humor because we won’t survive by taking life too seriously.
  • Hopefully making your kitchen and table a little less intimidating!
  • A feeling of belonging as you pull up a seat around my kitchen island. (Metaphorically speaking of course. I don’t have enough seats for the entire internet.)

This is real life for me. My house is usually a hot mess. We rely on microwave quesadillas and frozen pizza more often than I like to admit! But SALT+RYE is about letting good enough be good enough. Its about taking risks, both with what you put on the table and who you invite around it. So lets all take a collective breath and be okay with a dinner that flops. Lets be okay with some awkward conversations. And lets be okay with just showing up. Because the more we show up, the easier it gets.

Let’s cook something together.