Always start with a larger pot than what you think you’ll need.

Julia Child

As the Pinterest letterboards say, “ITS FALL Y’ALL!”  and the days are getting shorter and the weather is cooling down. At least I’m told that’s what happens in other parts of the country. Atlanta hasn’t gotten the memo yet. My youngest’s soccer game just got canceled because of the high temperatures. But its time for comfort and coziness even if I’m just pretending its fall!

This is a stock photo because its still 1000° in Atlanta

Starting in October, the calendar is PACKED. School is officially back in, and they no longer hesitate is asking for things. Its like as soon as we get back in a routine, the school decides they need a long weekend or an entire week of dressing up. Can we just not, please? Then we have Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. And before you know it, the year is over. This time of year moves to dang quick. So its no wonder we resort to slow cooking and other comforting treats. 

On top of all of this, fall tends to remind me of loss and grief. Maybe its the leaves falling or longer stretches of darkness. We all know holidays can sneak up and hit us in the face with the past. So yes. We need comfort. We need to find it, we need to give it, and I think we need to BE it for others. So what does this look like in our kitchens and around our tables? I think it means taking the short cuts where we can find them. I think it means still being mindful of what we are eating so that we don’t feel like garbage the next day. Comfort is so much more than binge eating in the moment (something I struggle with on a regular basis).

SO. What I want to do for the month of October is share recipes that are “comfort foods” but maybe change them up a bit so they aren’t so heavy. And make them easy to make because I’m not going to take all day baking a lasagna. Its just not going to happen. For me, that means chilis, soups and stews, maybe a casserole if I manage to get the food prepped in time! I would LOVE to know what you’re comfort foods are too! Let me know in the comments what your favorite fall/comfort foods are, or if you have a recipe you wish was easier to make!

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